What's HDPE insulators?

HDPE Pin Insulator also called High-Density-Polyethelene insulator which is made from a qualified resistive high density polyethelene combined with some additives, to provide the ability of anti-UV and anti-aging. HDPE insulator is usually used in tranmission lines for supporting conductors especially on a vertical direction. They are not prone to cracking, breaking, or being destroyed by a vandal with a BB gun. They are tough. You can throw them in the back of your truck on the way to an installation and they will arrive undamaged.

HDPE insulators perform better in low temperatures and areas with heavy freeze-thaw cycles. The material is also inherently hydrophobic so these insulators “self-clean” in rain events. This is perfect for coastal areas and locations with high pollutants where salt and chemicals can lead to tracking and early failure.

The advantages of our HDPE pin insulators:

  • Lighter weight for easily handle and transport
  • Longer leakeage for high-pollutant place
  • Lower maintance cost.
  • Resistant to impact damage, breakage and vandalism
  • Using hand wrapped ties or preshaped ties

HDPE insulator picture:

Orient HDPE insulator advantages:

  • High quality materials
  • All insualtors do X-ray routine test
  • No void
  • Lower prices
  • Good package suitable for sea transportationor inland transportation

How we can do for HDPE insulator:

Standards: ANSI standard C29.5 and IEC standard
Voltage class: 15kV, 25kV, 35kV
Neck type: C-neck, F-neck, customers' diameters