Introduction for Nylon head composite line post insulators:

Triditional composite line post insulators include four parts: top head fitting, silicone rubber sheds, fiber glass core rod and bottom fitting. Top fitting was made from hot dip galvanized steel which used for supporting conductor or calble. Becase conductor or cable was tied to top fitting and fitting was iron material, long period operation, it can damage conductor or cable. Now we have a new type head which made from Nylon. Nylon is more soft compare to iron material and Nylon is insulating material. So by using nylon head which can improve composite line post insulators service life and increasing insulators insulating property.

Nylon head line post insulator picture:

Orient Nylon head composite line post insulator advantages:

  • Reduction damage for conductor or cable
  • Reduce product weight
  • Increasing creepage distance
  • Reduce product cost
  • Increasing insulators' anti-pollution grade
  • East to install and transport