Advantages for HDPE insulator with Nylon spindle:

HDPE insulators as one type of insualtors was used with a spindle and fixed on wooden cross arm or steel cross arm. Just like most porcelain pin insulators or polymer pin insulators, HDPE insulators normally used assembled with hot dip galvanizing steel spindle.  HDPE insulators is more soft than porcelain material insulators, so the steel spindle would damage HDPE insulators since insualtors can be used for many years. This long time damage maybe cause HDPE insulators  reduction in strength and  more easy be punctured.

Now Orient has a new type spindle which made from Nylon material. Nylon material was injected cover on steel material core. Nylon coat will contact with HDPE insulator screw which wouldn't damage HDPE insulator since Nylon is also softer than steel. And there is steel core for spindle which can assure the strength of spindle. 

HDPE insulator picture:

Orient HDPE insulator advantages:

  • Reduction damage for HDPE insulator
  • Increasing puncture value
  • Increasing creepage distance of insulator
  • Increasing insulators' anti-pollution grade