Introduction of fiber glass core rod:

Fiber glass core rod is in the center of composite insulator, and it is an insulating portion for designing to ensure the mechanical strength.
Fiber glass core rod is made of fiber-reinforced resin. Fiber glass core rod should be able to withstand long-term mechanical loads over a wide temperature range, and it should also bear the long-term and short-term electric electrical stress peak stress.
Fiber glass core rod should be stable at elevated temperatures, high mechanical strength under dynamic load conditions. Orient group can produce fiber glass core rod that can meet strict quality control standards in the longitudinal and transverse dielectric strength glass moisture content and other aspects.

Technical specification of Technical specification:

No. Parameter Unit Specifications
1. Density(at 20±2) g/cm3 2.0
2. Water absorbtion rate (at20±2,24h) % 0.05
3. Tensile strength Mpa 1690
4. Bending strength Mpa 1100
5. Dry penetration test Min 50
6. Water difussion test(1%nacl,boiling for 100h 12kv/1min) μA <10
7. Shearing strength along laminals Mpa 50
8. Volume resistivity(140,96h) Ω.M 1010
9. DC withstand voltage(10min) kV 50
10. Lightning surge withstand voltage(100kv,10mm) times 5
11. Bending strength at heating conditions Mpa/150 350
12. Stress corrosion (1 mol/1hno3,at 67% stress) h 7200
13. Torsion strength Mpa 800