High voltage transformer bushings are used to insulate the incoming or outgoing conductor into or out of a grounded barrier, in power transformer case is the transformer main tank. The bushings connect the windings of the transformer to the supply line and insulate the feed through conductor from the transformer main tank.

Types of porcelain high voltage transformer bushings:

Upside down transform bushings
Capacity voltage transform bushings
SF6 current transform bushings
Outdoor cable end bushing
Voltage transform bushings
Current transform bushings
Circuit breaker post bushing
SF6 transform bushings
Oil immersed voltage transform bushings
Electrostatic precipitator bushing

The simplest bushings consist of s conductor with a porcelain or composite hollow shell, you can see the below picture.

The assembly is held together by the hardware to position the conductor in the center of the insulator.


We also produce extensive transformer bushing insulators for African countries and South American countries and south east Asian countries every year. Most of the transformer bushing insulator is according to DIN 42530, DIN42531, and other relative DIN and EN standard.

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