Introduction for bushing insulator

The hollow bushing insulator is used extensively in electrical apparatus. Hollow bushing insulator is the device that enables one or several conductors to pass through a partition such as a wall or tank and insulates the conductors from it. The means of attachment to the partition, such as flange or other fixing device, forms part of the bushing. Big porcelain bushing, hollow bushing insulator up to 1000kV. According to materials hollow bushing insulator can be devided into porcelain bushing insulator and composite bushing insulator.

The types of hollow bushing insulator

1. Upside down transformer bushing
2. Capacity voltage transformer bushing
3. SF6 current transformer bushing
4. Outdoor cable end bushing
5. Voltage transformer bushing
6. Current transformer bushing
7. Circuit breaker post bushing
8. SF6 transformer bushing
9. Oil immersed voltage transformer bushing
10. SF6 circuit breaker bushing
11. Electrostatic precipitator bushing
Small porcelain bushing , hollow bushing insulators are used as the insulating elements such as the transformer bushings and wall bushings. They are designed to perform under outdoor and indoor conditions for voltage upto 36kV.