Insulator sets for high voltage applications which used fittings used for voltages from 10kv to 1000kv, such as 420kv double suspension set, 420kv suspended double tension set and 400kv tension set.

As one of professional insulator manufacturers, we provides high quality polymer insulators with some advantages:
  • Light and compact designs
  • Extremely high strength requirements
  • Very long spans
  • Elevated conductor suspension points
  • Special string configurations
  • Other special designs

Insulator sets for high voltage applications are manufactured in accordance with IEC and ANSI standards, this includes considering the required insulation level, the permissible corona and RIV (Radio Interference Voltage) values, the required power arc rating and short circuit current capability, pollution classes and the mechanical strength classes.

Insulator sets for high voltage applications shall be designed taking into consideration the following parameters:
  • Reliable reproducible assemblies
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Connection contact quality
  • Effective corona and arc protection
  • Low radio interference
  • Improvement of voltage distribution along the insulators
  • Prevention of such discharges, which could cause erosion on insulators and on fittings

Composite insulators for high voltage applications are main products for Orient Power, such as hollow core insulators, suspension insulators and line posts consist of silicone rubber housing for applications and end fittings coupling the wires or conductors, which can use in contamination areas replacing ceramic insulators.