Insulator test certificate and testing facilities shall be required by insulator tenderer. These insulator tests shall be carried out within five years prior to the date of opening of this tender.

Test certificate

The tenderer shall furnish detailed type test reports of the offered composite Insulators as per clause 8.2 of the Technical Specifications from the NABL laboratory to prove that the composite Insulators offered meet the requirements of the specification.
(i) The offered composite Insulators are already fully type tested at approved Laboratory within five years prior to the date of opening of this tender.
(ii) There is no change in the design of type-tested composite Insulators and those offers against this tender.
Testing facilities

The following additional facilities shall be available at Supplier's works:
(a) The tenderers must clearly indicate what testing facilities are available in the works of the manufacturer and whether facilities are adequate to carryout all Routine & acceptance Tests. These facilities should be available to DGVCL's Engineers if deputed or carry out or witness the tests in the manufacturer works. If any test cannot be carried out at the manufacturer's work, the reasons should be clearly stated in the tender.
(b) The insulators shall be tested in accordance with the procedure detailed in IEC 61109/92-93 with latest amendments.
(c) Calibration Reports from Government approved testing laboratory of various testing and measuring equipment including tensile testing machine, resistance measurement facilities, burelle, thermometer, barometer etc.
(d) Finished insulator shall be checked for dimension verification and surface finish separately.

Manufacturers of foreign origin shall, in addition to the above, also have arrangements in India, either at works of their authorized representative/ licenses or in the NABL laboratory for conducting sampling test in accordance with IEC 81109/92-93 with latest amendments.

Insulator test certificate includes insulator test reports and 5000h test aging report or international specifications mechanical and electrical certificates.