Orient Power is a manufacturer of electrical products with over 38 years' experience. Now, we are specialized in producing composite insulators. Orient Power offer a deal in wide range of Composite line post insulator that can be custom specified, manufactured, tested and are reliable for their service life. Composite line post Insulator used on distribution line and transmission line is up to 132KV.

69kv composite  line post insulator specifications make it can operate under very harsh environments, such as Industrial pollution, marshy land, hilly and unfriendly terrain, extreme weather, coastal region etc. Orient Power Composite line post insulator has high breaking points with limited overall dimensions.

Orient Power Composite line post insulator has reduced weight (from 10 to 300 times in relation to the traditional insulators) These properties help the cleaning action of the rain on the composite line post insulators and help to avoid damages of the salinity, of dusts and corrosion of the industrial smokes improving the outer casing resistivity. The Composite 69kv line post insulator specifications outstanding for being made with the most advanced materials, resulting from extensive research testing and field experience gained over more than 36 years of expertise in overhead line insulator products.