Polyethylene Pin Type Insulators are molded of proprietary, gray, track resistant, high density polyethylene. They are designed with standard ANSI neck sizes and will fit on standard. Insulators are available with ratings of 15kV, 25kV or 35kV.

pin type insulators

The advantages of Polyethylene Pin Type Insulators:
  • Electrically compatible with covered conductors - no stripping is required
  • Resistant to impact damage, breakage and vandalism
  • Excellent weather washing characteristics
  • Interchangeable with porcelain insulators
  • Excellent weatherability proven by 30 years of field experience
  • Designed for use with hand wrapped ties or preshaped ties
  • Light weight for easy handling
  • Excellent for contaminated environments

Polyethylene Pin Type Insulators are recommended for use on spacer cable construction at angles and for open wire construction with either covered conductors or bare conductors. Using polyethylene insulators avoids the problems of increased corona and the resulting erosion of covered conductors that can occur with porcelain insulators.