Polymeric post insulator made by silicone rubber and Porcelain station post insulator made by ceramic material.

post insulator

According to insulator voltage, Polymeric post insulators are normally divided into:

High voltage post insulator: such as 500kv  insulators
Extra high voltage post insulators: such as 1150kv post insulator
Medium voltage post insulator: 66kv to 132kv
Low voltage post insulator: up to 36kv

Polymeric post insulator, stick with the overall design, compact structure, high quality, weight is the same level of porcelain insulators and glass insulators 1/10, transportation and installation is very convenient. And tolerance and good performance, good stain resistance, stain-resistant flash strength is strong.

Polymeric post insulator are manufactured and tested as per ANSI, IEEE, IEC and AS standards etc.