Preformed lineguards is one type preformed fittings which provide economical conductor protection at points of support (and taps) in urban type distribution systems where low working tensions and short conductor spans are common.

preformed line fitttings

The function of preformed lineguards

Preformed Lineguards are intended to protect against abrasion, arc-over and may be used as patch rods designed to restore full conductivity and strength to conductors where damage is located outside the support area and does not exceed 25% of the outer strand layer. Preformed Lineguards are recommended as a minimum protection for hand-tied insulators.

Preformed lineguards have some advantages

◆ Low initial installation cost
◆ Long-term cost
◆ Good mechanical strength
◆ Used as tap armor to protect conductors from wear and flash-over damage under hot-line taps.

Preformed lineguards are divided into two types. One is used for AAC, AAAC and ACSR conductors, the other is copper lineguards.