Railway polymer insulators is usually used in the tunnels of electrified railway in pollution area, railway polymer insulator is the heart of power system, a reliable railway networks requires reliable insulators.

railway polymer insulators

Railway polymer insulator is made by silicone rubber material, housing is the main part of railway polymer insulator, other part is reinforce fiberglass rod, which have a high mechanical strength and Acid erosion, the fitting is hot dip galvanize, this type fitting have a good performance in the system.

Railway polymer insulator has a better work in the same conditions, when compared with glass insulators or porcelain insulators or ceramic insulators:
Outstanding pollution performance and flashover resistance
Leakage current control due to hydrophobicity
Non-brittle material with reduced risk of handling damage
Excellent seismic performance provides safety and reliability
Low weight and maintenance – free for cost savings

Railway polymer insulator can prevent pollution flashover outage and without cleaning or maintenance, it is more and more popular in electrical system.