Safety service disconnector is one important part of electrical systems to ensure controlled and keeping the line safety. The product severs the conductor after a high impact load, ensuring the span falling to ground is in an un-energised state.

The features of Safety service disconnector is manufactured from UV stabilised and fibre reinforced nylon which provides the fitting with complete insulating and mechanically strong features.

Safety service disconnector installed has some requirement that all components are held captive within the body so there are no loose parts to fall to ground when installing or upon activation.

Safety service disconnector should be designed in high breaking load. The setting arrangement for the load is totally tamper proof.

Can Be Installed Within 5 Minutes
◆ Due to the simple nature of the design of the product, it is easily installed within 5 minutes.
◆ Simply place the cable into the clamp and push it into the slots along the body, tighten the nuts on the bolted clamp till secure and bring the bridle around, clip it onto the bollard and snap the cover in place.
◆ Installation is now complete! No special equipment is required.

Safety service disconnector can also use in transmission and distribution systems or electrical equipment.