Silicone rubber line post insulators are normally with universal clamp for 15kv to 132kv applications, also coupling way includes tie-top insulators and clamp top insulators with performed wires.

The Universal Clamp end fitting is used with the Line Post insulator family (porcelain or silicone rubber). Combining the proven direct bond silicone technology of the Orient Power line posts design, the Universal Clamp offers a flexible range-taking connection that can be installed in either the vertical or horizontal direction. The Universal Clamp design eliminates the need for a separate additional conductor clamp; saving both money and installation time. In addition, the optional hot stick operable feature provides flexibility for live-line work.

Silicone rubber line post insulators design features:

• Proven direct bond interface
• Weather sheds molded with proprietary silicone rubber compound
• Universal clamp works for a conductor diameter range of 0.30” (7.6 mm) to 1.34” (34 mm) to provide flexibility in the field
• Hot Stick option allows for live-line operability
• Can be installed in vertical or horizontal directions, thus reducing inventory
• Integral design eliminates need for additional trunnion clamp
• Meets requirements of the latest edition of CSA 411.6 and ANSI C29.18
• Ductile iron end fittings compatible with copper conductors.

NOTES for silicone rubber or polymer line post insulators:

1. Maximum Design Tension for Clamp top is 2500 pounds (11kN)
2. 15, 25 & 28 kV Units use 1.5 inch (38 mm) Diameter Rod
3. 46 & 69 kV Units use 1.75 inch (44 mm) Diameter Rod
4. Maximum Design Tension for Teardrop Blade is 5000 pounds (22 KN)

Silicone rubber line post insulators are transmission and distribution line insulators, which normally used on overhead power lines provide supporting and insulating functions.