Station posts end fittings are attached using a crimping process to achieve the required tensile strength, post insulators end fittings are flanges installed with bolts or nuts.

station post insulators fittings

At lower voltages, corona rings may be considered for areas for high local contamination, and/ or with altitudes beyond 3000feet. In the common conditions, above 110kv, we should use the grading rings for insulators.

Station posts end fittings sizes

◆ Fig1: 4 tapped holes 1/2’ – 13UNC on 3’Dia. B.C.
◆ Fig2: 4 tapped holes 5/8’ – 11UNC, 0.9’ deep on 5” Dia. B.C.
◆ Fig3: 4 tapped holes 5/8’ – 11UNC, 1.2” deep on 5’Dia. B.C.
◆ Fig4: adapter plate 4×3/4 – 10 tapped holes on 7’Dia. B.C.

Station post structure insulators drawing
station post insulators structure

Station posts end fittings standards or station post insulators specifications

◆ Complies with ANSI and IEEE standards + IEC tests. Seismically validated and tested per IEEE 693
◆ Recommended for most applications with B.I.L. ≥ 900 kV

Station posts end fittings are normally manufactured of stainless steel, forged steel, ductile iron or aluminum alloy to provide good mechanical and electrical performance.