Electrical insulators can be made of porcelain, glass and silicone rubber materials; the properties, performance, types and application have common and different aspects.

electrical insulators

In some materials, the electrons stick with their atoms rather than move around; these materials are called electrical insulators. The different electrical insulators include wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, cotton, air and silicone rubber.

Different electrical insulators have different performance.

Wood insulators can be used in dry conditions, in the wet environments, it can be conductor
Plastic insulators is normally designed in small or house insulators for supporting and insulating power lines, family lines or farm to protect the animals
Air is one of special insulators for us, we cannot live without air
Cotton is one of plant, mainly to manufacture cloth, or other products
Glass insulator, ceramic insulator or pocelain insulator and silicone rubber insulator are normally used for electrical power systems, all the countries used these electrical insulators for electrical systems or power lines

Different electrical insulators, glass insulator can be designed in disc type insulator, pin type insulator, spool insulator and post insulator; ceramic insulator is divided into transmission and distribution line insulators, substation insulators and hollow bushings; silicone rubber insulator includes high voltage insulator, medium voltage insulator and low voltage insulator.