1. Composite Station Post Insulator

Polymer Station Post Insulator is applied to high voltage power station service. It has good performance of hydrophobicity and anti-pollution, high mechanical strength, small volume and light weight. It can be installed easily. Because of the same dimension of the flanges, the composite station post insulator can be exchanged with the porcelain one to use.

2. Composite Crossarm Insulator

Composite Crossarm Insulator for the urban net rebuild can effectively solve the shortage of corridor in urban power line, reduce the polo height, economy lots of financial and material resources. The advantage of the composite insulator are high strength , which can avoid the porcelain cross-arm causes to concatenate breakage of high strength accident, and fine anti-pollution.

3. Composite Railway Insulator

Composite Railway Insulator are suitable for electric-railway, can effectively prevent flash accidents and decrease the times of clear and maintenance. Especially in the small railway tunnel, because of small volume , the products of porcelain , glass insulator cannot instead of it.

We can design and manufacture composite insulator according to the drawing and the requirement of customers.