Ceramic electrical insulators are one of electrical insulators used for electrical systems, divided into suspension type insulator or disc insulator, post type insulator, pin insulator, line post type insulator, spool insulator, strain insulator and shackle insulator.

ceramic electrical insulator

Why is the first choice for ceramic electrical insulators?

From transmission and distribution systems, scrap white porcelain-insulators were collected. These insulators have a high degree of hardness, and low water absorbability. A study was conducted in the use of crushed porcelain as a ceramics aggregate.

The advantages of crash ceramic electrical insulators

(1) Alleviating the so-called "heat island" phenomenon
(2) Lessening the load on sewage treatment plants
(3) Improving the rhizosphere and environment for vegetation.

Ceramic electrical insulators cannot destroy environments, the electrical and mechanical properties are excellent.