If you choose one insulator manufacturers, you want to understand the Insulator examples for this company or insulator types, insulator quality or insulator properties.

If you want to buy electrical insulator, but you don’t know how to buy electrical insulator, I would list electrical insulator examples for you.

porcelain pin insulators

If you want to buy pin insulator, which is one main kind of electrical insulators

Firstly, which electrical insulator materials for electrical insulators is your choice?

Polymer pin insulators made from silicone rubber
Porcelain pin insulators made from porcelain
◆ Glass pin insulators made of glass

Secondly, which type of insulator is your choice?

◆ Anti-pollution insulator
◆ Normal pin insulator

Which insulator price is your choice?

◆ Low quality, low price
◆ High quality, suitable price
◆ Higher quality, high price

I just list some factors affecting you choice, you can also search and understand which can affect the insulator price and properties.