Insulator testing, design tests verify the suitability of the manufacturer's design, materials, manufacturing process and technology. When an insulator is subjected to the design tests, the results shall be considered valid.

insulator testing

The housing material, fiberglass rod, rod diameter, weather shed profile, metal end fittings. Consequently, design tests conducted on one type apply to the other.

Steep-Front Impulse Voltage Test, The PDI-25s were subjected to steep-front impulse of about 2000 kV/ms in accordance with 9.2.5 of IEC 60-2. Each impulse caused external flashover. No punctures occurred. All test specimens passed this test.

Insulator testing can be done includes:

  • Low-Frequency Dry Flashover Test
  • Low-Frequency Wet Flashover Test
  • Positive Critical Impulse Flashover Test
  • Radio-influence Voltage Test