Insulators and conductors are main parts in our lives, how to charge Insulators and conductors? What are the Insulators and conductors? You can learn them in this article.

There are some ways of charging a conductor and an insulator. You can charge a conductor by applying a potential to it or placing a charged object near it. This is called induction. Insulators don’t need to charge.

Insulators are a material whose internal electric charges do not flow freely, and therefore make it very hard to conduct an electric current under the influence of an electric field. More and more insulators used on the power lines and substations for supporting and insulating.

The other way of charging a conductor
You can permanently charge a conductor by inducing a negative charge on its surface, and then draining the negative charge be earthling the conductor.
Insulators and conductors are playing main role of electrical systems, the insulators are supporting and insulating the conductors. The conductors are transporting the electricity for people's using.