The purpose of manufacturing insulators is for sale. As one of professional insulator manufacturers, how many types of insulators for sale produced?

composite insulators

According to insulator applications, insulators have many types and different price. our electrical insulators range has

◆ Low tension insulators
◆ Anti-fog transformer bushing
◆ Transformer bushings
◆ Solid core insulators
◆ Post insulators
◆ Pin insulators
◆ Lightning arrestor insulators etc.

The types of low tension insulators – one of main kind of electrical insulators

◆ Low tension pin type insulators
Silicone rubber strain insulators
◆ Guy strain insulators
◆ Shackle type insulators
◆ Spool type insulators

Insulators can be made from porcelain, polymer, glass, plastic and wood etc. Orient Power mainly produces porcelain and polymer insulators for sale. Welcome to visit our website.