Orient Power is an electro-porcelain insulators manufacturer, exporter and supplier that produce a wide range of Medium and high-voltage insulators for transmission and distribution equipment and energy networks.

porcelain insulators

Orient Power always delivers the highest quality of products and services. The electro-porcelain insulators are manufactured according to international standards as well as customized products according to customer specifications.

Orient Power main product families include the following.

Station post insulators
Solid-core insulators
High-voltage post insulators are supplied for substations or a wide range of equipment and apparatus such as disconnector switches.
These products meet international standards such as IEC or ANSI C29.9.

Hollow insulators for bushings and transformers

Orient Power provides a wide range of hollow insulators to be used in the manufacturing of apparatus such as bushings and transformers. Usually these insulators are manufactured according to customer's drawings, and are tested as per international or national standards.

Traction, transmission and distribution line insulators
Orient manufactures line insulators and pin insulators for use in traction lines such as railway systems, and for applications in transmission and distribution lines.

Porcelain cap and pin insulators
Orient also manufactures porcelain cap and pin insulators that is disc insulator for transmission and distribution lines. These are available in a range of different voltages. Such as pin type insulators used for distribution lines. Disc suspension insulators are generally used on different voltage power lines according to the number of insulator strings.

ISO 9000 quality and service
Orient provides ISO 9000 quality certificate and test reports to produce high quality electro-porcelain insulators including Medium and high-voltage insulators and high-voltage insulators.