Overhead distribution power lines structure plays a role of transmit the current, so it is important to know the structure.

overhead distribution insulators

Overhead power line is composed by telegraph pole, crossarm, insulator, wire, fitting and other component:
Telegraph pole, the main function of telegraph pole is support wire, commonly, the telegraph pole are made by wood, steel and concrete, every material have its advantage and disadvantage, both of them should have enough mechanical load, Durable and cheap, the types of telegraph pole are decide according to rate voltage, wire and installation method, environment and so on.

Crossarm, crossarm are used on the top of telegraph pole, insulator can installed on the crossarm, it also has three types, wood crossarm, iron crossarm, porcelain crossarm, iron crossarm are widely used because its very firm to use; porcelain crossarm have a good electrical properties, it can save many steel and wood, it also can decrease the structure price, porcelain crossarm also have self-clean properties; wooden crossarm, it is easy to manufacture, but it is easy to be corrosion and have a high cost to repair it.

Stay wire, stay wire is used for juggle various strength of pole, it also resistant wind strength, it also made by Iron mountain of multi-strand cable or a strand, it should keep a safety distance between wire and stay wire.

Insulator and Fitting, the main function of insulator is to fix wire and insulate, there have a high requirement of mechanical load and electrical load to insulator, insulator can divide into many types according its different structure, suspension disc insulator ,pin type insulator shackle insulator and spool insulator.

Wire, the wire is used to transit the electrical power, it bear self-load and always bear corrosion, so a wire should have good electrical properties and resist the corrosion, the ideal product is low price and light.