Overhead line splices have automatic for larger multiple layer stranded conductor used in primary distribution and transmission.

overhead line splices

Fastest method of splicing copper & copperweld conductor, Inhibitor protected for optimum long term performance, individually bagged to seal out dirt before use.

Seamless High Strength Aluminum Alloy, Color coded end funnel guides for easy identification, factory inhibitor protected, fastest method of splicing aluminum, aluminum alloy and ACSR conductor and full tension, class a connector.

Corrosion Resistant Splice, designed SPECIFICALLY for high corrosive / problem environments.
Extensively tested, including Fault Current & Salt Spray.
ANSI C119.4, Class 1, full tension connector
ANSI C119.4 Class A, temperature rated connector
Color coded end funnel guides for easy identification

Fastest method of splicing aluminum, aluminum alloy, and ACSR conductor
Stainless springs
Stainless or plastic pilot cups
Holes in shell & center stop for drainage & evaporation

Overhead line splices can special inhibitor blend for corrosive environments.