Porcelain post insulators are one type of outdoor insulators, which are solid core insulators for substations and switch.It can be made from porcelain post insulators and composite post insulators.

post insulators

For ensuring the insulator quality, each insulator is subjected to rigorous mechanical and electrical testing to ensure years of solid performance. All units are designed, manufactured and tested to all ANSI C29.9 and IEC 60273 requirements.

The advantages of Orient Porcelain post insulators

◆ Made from high strength aluminum porcelain material
◆ Insulators can withstand severe operating conditions
◆ Solid core post insulators which are single piece construction are superior to cap and pin stacking type post insulators, multi element post insulators or hollow post insulators

The features of porcelain post insulators

◆ Non puncturable type insulators: the puncture path is almost equal to the arc-over distance.
◆ Low deflection under cantilever loading: because of the absence of intermediate metal parts such as those in stacking type posts where numerous metal parts are cemented to porcelain parts and where the loading parts are metallic.
◆ High mechanical strength
◆ No Internal Air Space and Partial Discharge
◆ Very Low RIV and Television Interference: solid core design
◆ Excellent Pollution Performance:

Porcelain post insulators are divided into electrical post insulators and apparatus post insulators used in electrical systems with unique design to improve self-cleaning characteristics and excellent performance.