Types of lv stay insulator is a kind of low voltage insulator, the material of it is made from porcelain, free from flaws and blemishes, thoroughly vitrified, smoothly glazed and of uniform brown color when finished.

stay insulator

Types of lv stay insulator give a protection in the event of accidentally broken live wire that can accidentally energizing a stay wire and remaining in contact with line which doesn't trip. The bottom place of insulator would have no voltage due to insulation, this kind insulator always installed in the middle of stay wire.

Service condition of types of lv stay:

The insulators can suitable for continuous use outdoors in tropical areas at altitudes of up to 2200m above sea level, humidities of up to 90%, average ambient temperature of +30℃ with a minimum of -1℃ and a maximum of +40℃, in direct sunlight, heavy saline conditions along the coast and isokeraunic levels of up to 180 thunderstorm days per year.

Three types of the stay insulators are generally used for rural and railway these are

0.4kV stay
11kV stay
33kV stay