Dead-end Insulator is a kind of Polymer insulators and deadend insulators are used on overhead lines operating at up to 69kV. These insulators are used to support line conductors in suspension or deadend modes such as line terminations,angles, and tangents. These insulators can be used with bare or covered conductors. 

End Fittings:

The Clevis and Tongue fittings are made from hot-dip galvanized iron or steel. The end fittings are crimped on to the core rod to provide the mechanical performance. A watertight seal between the rubber and end fittings eliminates moisture ingress. This special silicone rubber to metal fittings sealing process provides total exclusion of moisture.

Core Rod:

Dead End insualtors core rod is made from ECR fiber glass which has been specially formulated for electrical and mechanical applications.


The dead end insulators housing includes sheath and sheds which is moulded or injected to the core rod. This ensures that the interface between the rubber and rod is impenetrable against moisture ingress.And the housing material is high vulcanized silicone rubber.

Dead End Insulator Picture:
Dead End insulators Parameters:

Type No. Rated Voltage
Section Length
Arcing Distance
Leakage Distance
Low Frequency Wet FO
Critical Impulse FO
DS-15 15 300±15 200 355 70 65 140
DS-25 25 430±25 295 550 70 100 190
DS-35 35 525±60 380 730 70 130 250
DS-46 46 590±50 440 900 70 145 280
DS-69 69 750±75 480 1190 70 185 350