Features and application for composite insulator line post:

Composite line post insulator is a main type of composie insulators and which is used to high voltage transmission line and distribution line and up to 132kV. Composite line post insulator has good performance of hydrophobicity and anti-pollution, high mechanical strength and can be installed easily.

Advantages for composite line post insulator:

1. Can be installed on steel, concrete and wood poles
2. High mechanical & electrical performance
3. Light-weight for easier installation
4. Good tracking and erosion resistance performance
5. Reduced conductor movement
6. Less radio noise
7. Un-punctured type

Polymer Line Post Insulator Picture:

Voltage class of composite insulator line post:
  • 11kV
  • 22kV
  • 33kV
  • 69kV
  • 132kV
The cantilever strength of composite line post insulator:
  • 4kN
  • 6kN
  • 8kN
  • 10kN
  • 12.5kN
  • 15kN
  • 20kN
Neck diameters for polymer line post insulator:
  • A-Neck
  • C-Neck
  • F-Neck
  • J-Neck
  • According to clients' requirement