Composite cross arm insulator also called polymer cross arm insulator and widely used for the urban power network rebuild as one of main composite insulators. Composite cross arm insulator can reduce the height of pole or tower and save lots of financial and material resources. And polymer cross arm insulator is not like porcelain insulator or glass insulator fragile and has good pollution resistance.
Nowadays, in distribution line the polymer cross arm insulator always was considered to use since it has many advantages for power line.
Advantages of polymer cross arm insulator:
1. Increase the mechanical strength
2. Reduces weight
3. Increase corrosion resistance
4. Increase its life span
5. Decrease single phase to the ground fault rate
Reduce cost and decrease pole top fire:

Composite cross arm insulator acts as the role of cross arm and insulator. Use polymer cross arm insulator, it don’t need cross arm, so this can save some cost. And nowadays there are many countries and areas still use wood cross arm. This has the biggest and most dangerous challenges facing the utility industry is the risk of pole top fire. More and more utility companies using composite cross arm insulator to decrease the risk of pole top fire.
We can produce polymer cross arm insulator from 11kV to 132kV, the widely recognized voltage class includes: 11kV, 24kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV.
We can also redesign composite cross arm insulator according to clients' requirement.