Stay Rod Insulators also named guy strain insulators which provide electrical separation from the pole to the guy wire for the overhead lines. The insulative fiberglass core rod electrically isolates the guy strand and provides electrical clearance for maintenance crews and the public during normal operation.

Advantages compare to porcelain stay insulators:

Compared to porcelain strain insulators, the guy strain insulators provide a greater insulative distance which minimizes the potential and severity of dry and wet flashover. Fiberglass guy strain insulators provide a more durable solution compared to conventional porcelain insulators. Guy Strain Insulators utilize a proprietary veiled fiberglass rod that allows for superior performance when exposed to UV conditions.

Guy strain insulators includes three parts:

1. Crimping end fittings: H.D.G iron
2. ECR fiberglass core rod
3. Coated: silicone rubber or insulating paint

End fitting Type
Strength 15000LBS 21000LBS 30000LBS 36000LBS
Length 18" 24" 36" 42" 54" 78" 96" 120"