Introduction for NLD tension clamp:

The tension clamp is one type of single tension hardware fittings,  it is mainly used on the overhead transmission lines or distribution lines. The tension clamp is also called dead end clamp or strain clamp, it is one kind of transmission line clamps.Tension clamps are used to fix conductor and ground wire through insulators or link fitting to tower arms or substation structrues.
The NLD series of bolt type dead end clamp the main body is made from cast iron or ductile cast iron which meets the requirements of standard specification the latest issue of BS.

NLD tension clamp picture:
NLD tension clamp parameters:

Type No. Conductor
Failing load
NLD-1 35-95 135 95 18 M16 30
NLD-2 120-150 178 100 24 M16 40
NLD-3 185-240 223 168 25 M16 50
NLD-4 240-300 278 180 32 M18 70