Time-Frequency Characteristic Analysis of Acoustic Signal for Insulator Contaminant Discharge
Author:Emily   time:2016/7/18 5:51:24  read:917times

The acoustic signal, occurs when insulator contaminant discharge, contains a large number of information which can reflect the contaminated degree of insulator.

Based on FFT conversion, the acoustic signal of insulator is decomposed into two parts: time domain and frequency domain. The acoustic signal time-frequency characteristics under different pollution degree are studied, it is found that the average value of the time domain and the frequency spectrum characteristics contain four characteristic values, which reflect the development characteristics of insulator contaminant discharge.
The analyzed results show that, the typical value, maximum and standard deviation, and the real part of amplitude, four characteristics values of insulator have a good correlation with contamination degree. Experimental result shows that these four characteristics values can be used to prediction contamination degree of insulators effectively, and provide new characteristics for the contamination pre-warning.

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