The Codes and Standards of Porcelain insulator
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There are some codes and standards for porcelain insulator. These codes and standards includes every aspects of porcelain insulators.
IEC  -        International Electro technical Commission Publications of porcelain insulator
60060-1 -        General Definitions & Test Procedures
60120     -        Dimensions of Ball and Socket Couplings of String Insulator Units
60305     -        Characteristics of String Insulator Units of the Cap and Pin Type
60372               Locking Devices for Ball and Socket Couplings of String Insulators
60383-1, 2      -        Tests on porcelain insulators of Ceramic Material or Glass for Overhead Lines with a Nominal Voltage greater than 1000 V
60437     -        Radio Interference Test on High Voltage Insulators
60471     -        Dimensions of Clevis and Tongue Coupling of String Insulator Units
60507     -        Artificial Pollution Tests on High Voltage Insulators to be used on A.C. Systems
60575     -        Thermal-mechanical Performance Test and Mechanical Performance Test on String Insulator Units
60672-1  -   Specification for ceramic and glass insulating materials. Part 1: Definitions and classification
60672-2  -   Specification for ceramic and glass insulating materials. Part 2: Methods of tests
60672-3  -   Specification for ceramic and glass insulating materials. Part 3: Individual materials
60797     -        Residual strength of string insulator units of glass or ceramic material for overhead lines after mechanical damage of the dielectric.
60815     -        Guide for Selection of Insulators in Respect of Polluted Conditions
61211     -        Porcelain insulator of ceramic or glass for overhead lines. Impulse puncture test in air       
ISO  -        International Standards Organization
9001        -        Quality System Model for Quality Assurance in Design/ Development, Manufacture and Testing of porcelain insulator
9002        -        Quality System Model for Quality Assurance in Production, Installation and Servicing of porcelain insulator
The codes and standards are very important.  In some tenders porcelain insulator are asked to meet some of these.
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