What is porcelain bushing insulator?
Porcelain bushing insulator assemblies for transformer, switchgear, capacitor (2-flute to 14-flute) and special power apparatus applications. The normal simple bushing for low voltage and medium voltage applications includes a rod of conducting material inserted into a porcelain tube. This has a central current-carrying bolt, usually of copper, and the insulation is provided by a combination of the porcelain shell and the transformer oil.
Porcelain Bushing insulator Types:  

  • Class IN, 250A-3150A: DT250, DT630, DT1000, DT2000, DT3150
  • Class 10N-30N, 250A: DT10Ni250, DT10Nf250, DT20Ni250, DT20Nf250, DT30Ni250, DT30Nf250
  • Class 10N-30N, 630A: DT10Ni630, DT10Nf630, DT20Ni630, DT20Nf630, DT30Ni630, DT30Nf630
  • Class 10N-30N, 1000-3150A: 10Nf1000, 10Nf3150, 20Nf1000, 20Nf3150, 30Nf1000, 30Nf3150
Porcelain Bushing insulator Picture:
Our standard for assembly bushing insulator is DIN42530, DIN42539, DIN42531, DIN42532, DIN 42533