What is porcelain Pin post insulator?
Porcelain pin post insulator is also a type of porcelain insulator, which was produced by wet process. Pin post insulator not only has the puncture proof advantage of line post, but also has the high creepage distance advantave of pin insulator. Pin post insulators also line line post insulators and pin type insulators which mainly used for distribution line up to 33kV.

And for pin post insulators, the main market is in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. almost our 80% pin post insulators were exported to Indonesia.
Porcelain Pin Post Insulator Picture:
Porcelain Pin Post Insulator types:

Type No. Creepage Distance
Wet Withstand voltage
Lightning Impulse Withstand voltage
O-PP-15 375 12.5 35 125
O-PP1-22 534 12.5 65 150
O-PP2-22 645 12.5 65 160
O-PP1-35 720 12.5 85 200
O-PP2-35 800 12.5 85 200
O-PP3-35 950 12.5 85 200