Introduction for Preformed tension clamp:

Preformed tension clamp also names preformed dead end or dead end cable grips which are used on communication ADSS fiber, OPGW cable or OPPC. Preformed tension clamps are used for the installation of bare wires or overhead insulated wires of transmission and distribution lines. It can replace the traditional bolted type and hydraulic tension clamp fitting. Its structure is simple. After installation, the tubular structure formed by the preformed wire legs is naturally wound on the wire to produce a strong grip. The grip strength of the clamp is not less than calculate the breaking force of 95% stranded wire; the stress distribution of the wire clip to the wire is even, without damaging the wire, improving the vibration resistance of the wire and greatly extending the service life of the wire.

Preformed tension clamp picture:
Preformed tension clamp parameters:

Type No. Conductor Dia
O-PTC-1 6.6 635 0.22
O-PTC-2 7.8 711 0.30
O-PTC-3 9.0 901 0.53
O-PTC-4 10.0 950 0.65
O-PTC-5 11.0 1016 0.82
O-PTC-6 12.0 1180 1.30
O-PTC-7 13.0 1333 1.50
O-PTC-8 14.0 1460 2.22