What's railway support insulators?

Composite railway support insulator used for railway catenary grids. This type support insulators one side fittings are flange or tongue which fixed on railway poles. Another side fittings are tube fittings, which will be assembled with a tube. The tube is used with other connect fittings to suspension or support conductors.

Composite railway support insulators including:

  • Bottom end fitting made from forge or cast steel
  • Top fitting made from forge steel
  • Fiber glass core rod - ECR
  • Silicone rubber sheds - HTV

Railway support insulator picture:  

Advantages of composite railway support insulators:
  • Lighter weight than porcelain insulators
  • High electromechanical performance
  • Reduce railway pole weight
  • Easy installation and transportation, not easy to damage
  • Save a lot of operation and maintenance costs