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 Porcelain Solid Core Station Post and Cutout Insulator 
Color: Brown, Grey, White, Blue
Type: standard type, Orient design, customer requirement and drawings.
Ceramic / Porcelain Solid Core Station Post Insulator:
station post insulatorThis electrical insulator is an insulator of generally columnar shape, and it consists of one post insulator unit or an assembly of such units and is intended to give rigid support to a live part which is insulated from earth or from another live part. 750kv post insulator
Solid core station post insulator may be manufactured according to IEC, ANSI, BS and other standards, with cantilever strength from 4kN to 18kN, which is used on 15kV to 750kV station and substation.
There are two types for this series, normal type and anti-pollution type.
Station Post Insulators including:

Solid-Core Station Post Insulators to meet ANSI C29.9:
TR-202, TR-205, TR-208, TR-210, TR-214, TR-216, TR-286, TR-287, TR-288, TR-289, TR-291, TR-304, TR-312, TR-362, TR-369, TR391

Station Post Insulators to meet IEC 273:
C4-125, C4-150, C4-170, C4-200, C4-250, C6-325, C6-450, C6-550, C6-650, C8-750, C10-950, C10-1050, C12.5-1550, C10-1675C C10-1800, C10-2100, C10-2550.
Cutout Insulator:
Porcelain or polymer drop out fuse cutouts and load switching fuse cutouts are for outdoor use. They mainly protect transformer or lines from short circuit and overload, and on/off loading current to be connected with in coming feeder of distributing transformer or distribution lines.
Porcelain drop out fuse cutout insulator is composed of insulator supports and fuse tube, static polymer cutoutcontacts is fixed on two sides of insulator support and moving contact is insulated on two ends of fuse tube. Fuse tube is composed of inside arc-extinguishing tube, outer phenolic compound paper tube or epoxy glass tube. Load switch fuse cutout provides enforces elastic auxiliary contacts and arc-extinguishing enclosure for switching on/off loading current.


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  HDPE insulators are 100% recyclable and our HDPE insulators can replace porcelain pin insulators, already pass the design tests in the international lab.
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  We develope grey glaze pin type and line post insulators and power fittings used in American and brown insulator in African market.
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  As a high voltage insulator supplier and service support, since the last year contribution to exports, the municipal government awarded us the Outstanding Contribution Award, encouraged us to make greater contribution.
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