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 Electrical Power Fitting,Metal Fitting 
Electrical power fitting/metal fitting for insulator string:
material: steel, carbon steel, cast iron, galvinazed steel, aluminium alloy, copper, stainless steel,malleable iron
standard: BS3288, ASTM, IEC and Chinese standard
These electrical power fittings are used for connecting insulators to the power tower and conductor. There are several types, clamps, link fittings, protection fittings. The assemblies are usually made out of malleable iron and aluminum alloy.
Suspension clamps and Strain clamps: are mainly used on overhead power lines and substations. They hang the conductor or conductors and ground wire to the insulator strings or hang the ground wire to the tower arms through link fittings.
Suspension clamp: When the suspension clamps are installed on AAC or ACSR, the conductor should be wound by aluminum tapes or preformed armour rods for protecting. There are several types such as XGU trunnion type, XGH envelop type and other types.
Strain clamps: Compression type and bolt type strain clamp, and the compression type
includes hydraulic and explosive type. Bolt types such as aluminium alloy strain clamp
NLL and malleable iron strain clamp NLD type and compression type such as NY type.
clamps and link fitting
Link fittings: are used to link clamps to insulator, or to link insulator and ground wire
clamp to tower arms of substation structures. Many types such as ball eye, ball clevis, socket tongue, socket eye, socket-clevis, anchor shackle, eye chain link, clevis, clevis
tongue, extension link, U-bolt, adjusting plate, sag adjusted plate, yoke plate, turnbuckle and etc.
Electrical Power fitting/Metal fitting for conductor:
These metal fittings are used for connecting conductors or protecting conductors. There are several types, splicing fittings, protection fittings, guy wire fittings and grounding fittings.
Splicing fittings: are used for splicing or repairing of conductor and ground wire of overhead transmission lies. The splicaes may be compression type, bolt type or preformed armor rods. Splicing sleeve, repair sleeve, parallel groove clamp are the main type.
splicing fitting and protection fitting
Protection fittings: are used to restrain vibration of conductor and ground wire of overhead transmission lines, or to grade and to shield the insulator string of 330kv and   above. It includes   preformed armour rod, stockbridge  vibration dampers FR type, spacers, spacer damper,  grading and shielding rings, counter weight, arcing horn.
Guy wire fittings: are used to connect guy wire of tower, mostly dead end tower and angle tower. They consist of wedge clamp, guy clip, guy grip dead end clamp, stay rod, eye nut, eye bolt, linking and adjustable fitting.
Grounding fittings: are used to connect with the ground to take away the electricity to the ground such as grounding clamp and grounding rod.
Power fitting for Station fitting, Cable lug and T Clamp Fittings 
Station fittings: also known as big electric current bus-bar fittings, are utilized on cable lugpower distribution apparatus of power plants and substations for the fixation and supporting of soft, hard and combined bus bars.
T clamps: are applied for the splicing of the main bus bar or main current loop with apparatus and other loops, and can also be used on the T-joints of two over head power transmission lines on crossing. The material of it is mainly aluminum alloy and copper.
Cable connector or cable lug: is used to connect the cables. Mostly it is Al-Al, or Cu-Al so as to connect different cables. The material of it is mainly aluminum alloy and copper.
Insulator Accessory, insulator cap, insulator pin, D bracket:
hardware for cap and pin
Insulator accessories are mainly used on the assembling with suspension insulators, long rod insulators, porcelain arrester bushings, pin insulators and other insulators. These hardware include insulator cap, insulator pin/spindle, D bracket, insulator side tie, insulator top tie, etc.  
steel crossarm
Steel Crossarms:
Steel crossarm, angle iron bar, channel iron bar, angle steel, channel steel are used to connect insulator string to the tower.
Power line marker:
power line marker
power line markerFor the Fig 1, which is the new designed product, without assembly clamps. It is easy to install and can be used more longer. The diameter is 340mm.
For the Fig 2, it is the normal one, diameter is 600mm.
                  Fig 1                                             Fig 2



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